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gap insurance

Gap Insurance

Gap insurance policies are available to protect you should you have an accident and your vehicle is declared a total loss (write-off) in the future. A gap insurance policy will pay the difference between today’s retail market value of your vehicle and whatever value the vehicle insurer places on the vehicle if declared a write off. Your insurer will pay only the depreciated value of your vehicle at the time of your claim.

Cover is available for most vehicles including your motor car, van, motorcycle and light commercial vehicles.

The maximum gap insurance payout using our policy is an impressive £25,000 and protection is available with 2 or 3 years cover.

Product Features

  • Gap insurance covers write offs from fire, theft, accident (fault or non-fault)
    • Maximum gap cover payout is an impressive £25,000
    • Covers up to £250 motor insurance excess in a claim
    • Gap cover is available on vehicles up to £50,000 in value at date of policy purchase

Customer Benefits

  • Do not have to borrow additional amounts to replace vehicles with a similar model
    • Can help to quickly settle any outstanding finance/ loans on the vehicle, thus helping maintain a positive credit rating
    • Can help keep important hard earned savings intact as these are often withdrawn to help bridge depreciation or deposit ‘GAPS’

Why choose Gap insurance cover?

  • Up to 500,000 vehicles are declared a write off each year
    • Your car / motorcycle / LCV is depreciating in value every day
    • A vehicle is stolen every 2 minutes in the UK
    • Motor insurers will only pay the depreciated value at the time of your claim
    • There is a motor vehicle insurance claim every 8 seconds of every working day

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