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Take Away Insurance

Take Away Insurance

Whatever your style of take away business whether it be a fish & chip shopindian take awaychinese take awaykebab shopfried chicken shopburger shopitalian pizza place or sandwich bar we work to ensure that we provide you with the right cover at the right price leaving you to concentrate on doing what you do best.

To do this all we need is around 5 minutes of your time.


Get Your Take Away Insurance Quote Through Us

Get a quote through us and find out why are we the North West’s Number One for Take Away Insurance? Although based ‘Up North’ this doesn’t stop us helping take away businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK to obtain cheap take away insurance. No matter where you are based we can help.

Have you questioned yourself is your insurance deal the best the market has to offer? Have you go time to save money or consider alternative insurance products with enhanced cover?

Got 3 years or more experience in take away business management or ownership?

What have you got to lose, you never know it could save you money. Can you afford not to?


Whats Covered in a Take Away Insurance Policy?

No matter what type of establishment you run, the fundamental requirements of insuring your take away will remain the same – commercial take away insurance is designed to cover the assets, earnings and the legal liabilities of your business.

Typical take away insurance cover can include:
Material damage of your business assets, glass, signs, money, personal accident (assault), theft by employees, goods in transit, tenants improvements, all risks on portable property, personal effects, business interruption, outstanding book debts, loss of license, equipment breakdown, deterioration of refrigerated and or frozen stock, employer’s liability, public & products liability, terrorism & legal expenses.

Insuring Your Take Away

Every take away business owner knows that you can get insurance for a take away business from any local broker, large national insurer and now you can even get cover online. So what’s different about us?

Although we are not a large national insurer with deep pockets to showcase our services through national TV and advertising campaigns we do have access to an extensive panel of insurers offering competitive restaurant insurance quotes with comprehensive cover for all types of take away businesses with cover tailored to suit you and your business needs.

We are not a call centre operation. As a family run business we care about our clients and this shows in our renewal retention year on year.

When choosing your insurance make sure you consider the threes C’s – COMPETITIVE Cover, COMPREHENSIVE cover and insure with CONFIDENCE.

Ultimately you need to make sure that you are protected should an unforeseen incident occur.
Have you or would you insure your take away business online? If so can you confidently know that the product you buy is comprehensive enough to cover you and if it doesn’t have you considered who you are going to turn to? A call-centre in another country?
In the age of the internet many take away business owners over the years have turned to quick quote online insurers for their take away insurance, however having learned the hard way many are returning to use a trusted broker for their insurance cover, having purchased inferior quality insurance or found they aren’t covered where they thought they should have been or have ‘clicked the wrong button’ which meant there wasn’t cover in place! Don’t put yourself in that same position, insure with a trusted broker. We are here to offer advice in the first instance and assistance if things do go wrong.

Insurance for Take Away Business

When was the last time you considered alternative options for your insurance?

No doubt you have just allowed it to rollover year on year with your existing provider? Have you seen an annual increase in your take away insurance price with no real explanation for the increase?

Whilst we can’t guarantee to beat every renewal premium we will do our very best to either source you a more competitive policy or assist with ensuring that your policy provides the right cover to protect you. Either way, what have you got to lose in getting a quote through us?


Our aim is to cut through the jargon and talk to you about your business, what you need and what your best options are in a language you understand with the end result being a competitive policy that provides the right protection where you need it. We are a recognised, trusted and reliable name for insurance for take away businesses.

If you are unsure as to what exactly you need to be covered for then contact us, we will be happy to talk through the different options available to ensure you are adequately covered with the right commercial take away insurance.


A successful take away business owner will know the importance of insuring correctly to protect them and their business. You take the time to carefully select other elements of your business such as the food you sell, location of premises and the staff you employ so make sure all the hard work you put in is protected – make sure your take away insurance provides the right cover.

Sourcing and using the right insurance broker is paramount to this. Cheap take away insurance is not always the best insurance and your broker should be able to advise you on the different policies available. Some policies may provide enhanced cover for little or no extra premium. Check what’s covered in your policy and the limits of indemnity. If you don’t understand it, ask. Your insurance should be tailored to your specific requirements as no two businesses are the same.

One of the most important elements to your cover to protect you from claims against 3rd party property damage and injury is public and products liability insurance. What if one of your customers was to trip on your premises and you were held liable for the incident or you found yourself with a claim for food poisoning? Your public and products liability insurance is a fundamental element to your insurance policy.

Employers liability insurance is a requirement of law and a certificate of insurance must be displayed within your premises. This will provide cover for any claims brought against you from your employees due to negligence resulting in personal injury.

Tenants Improvements cover protects you for any losses you may incur if you rent or lease your take away premises and have spent money improving or refurbishing the premises such as decorating, alterations to layout and additions that wouldn’t be covered under the landlords building insurance.

Your assets such as take away business contents fixtures and fittings can be covered for material damage and theft. Electronic equipment such as cash registers and audio and visual equipment is often noted as a separate item on your schedule alongside wines and spirits as these are categorised as target theft items. Check these are noted separately on your policy to avoid any prejudice in cover.

Frozen foods or deterioration of stock cover will provide cover for a loss of food due to the failure of a freezer for example.

Money cover can provide cover for money whilst on your premises in transit or in a bank night safe.

Goods in transit cover will provide cover for your property such as food and equipment whilst in transit from markets or the cash and carry.

Business interruption insurance will provide cover for loss of income as a result of being unable to trade following an incident. If you suffer a fire or flood for instance and cannot trade business your loss of revenue or gross profit will be covered for a fixed indemnity period.

Loss of license insurance protects you from the depreciation in value of your business and financial loss as a result of your liquor license being suspended or withdrawn.

Fidelity guarantee or theft by employees obviously will provide cover for losses associated by theft from your staff.

Legal expenses insurance is often provided as an extension and protects against things such as tax disputes, employee disputes and criminal prosecution.



Top of the list is their sums insured on your business assets. These should represent what it would cost to rebuild/reinstate in existing materials and the new replacement cost on contents.  If you are under insured, your claim will be reduced by the percentage of under insurance (also known as under insurance condition of average). On a large or total loss this could add up to a considerable amount of money, make sure you review the value of your property periodically and insure for the correct reinstatement values.

Second, is not complying with conditions or warranties of insurance. One of the most common would be the conditions attached to frying and cleaning ducting. Most insurance for restaurants policies will include this type of condition in one form or another to ensure that a regular cleaning routine is implemented at the premises to protect against fire and kitchen hazards.

No doubt there will also be a minimum security condition of insurance. Have you checked is there a protections warranty on the policy. Do your locks have to be to a certain standard, window locks may be required or even a certain type of alarm that must be set when the premises are unoccupied?

The claiming culture is on the rise and it looks like it’s here to stay especially when ‘no win, no fee’ solicitors make it easy for people to put in a personal injury insurance claim. Numerous claims or a claim of a particular type can have an adverse effect on your restaurant insurance cost or your ability to insure and so it is essential you carry out periodic risk assessments of your premises to ensure you have considered any foreseen hazards to help protect your employees and visitors from injury whilst on your premises.

In terms of employers liability insurance claims there are things you can do to help offer a line of defence in the event of a claim. Make sure you have a staff training programme. Identify the risks that they may encounter, put it in an assessment as to how you are going to reduce the risk, go through it with your staff and get them to sign that “they have read, been trained and understood the assessment” and keep it on file in their record of training .

In respect of visitors and members of the public, carry out a risk assessment of the public areas that they utilise to reduce the risk of injury as much as you can. Try coming in as a visitor and work through what a customer would or could do whilst on your premises. Sometimes looking at your premises from a different perspective can give you a better insight into where hazards lie. Do you have trip hazards such as trailing wires that need to be tidied up? Or split levels and stairs that require warning signs? Are your chairs and tables secure and any table cloths don’t trail on the floor? Be objective and look for the hazards, don’t ignore them as it could cost you at your insurance renewal. Claims this year will cost you more increased premium next year. Help yourself to keep your take away insurance premium low.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a public liability insurance claim brought against you, your risk assessments provide your insurers and their solicitors with the possibility of defending the action. Without them, you stand little chance of mounting a serious defence.

Have you made yourself aware of and complied with all health and safety executive legislation? Have you carried out your own fire risk assessment? How would people get out of the building in the event of a fire?

It’s your responsibility as a business owner to comply with HSE legislation so that the people visiting your premises remain safe. More information on health and safety legislation can be found here

Not carrying out risk assessments or complying to health and safety legislation can leave you open to personal prosecution and possible imprisonment if someone is seriously injured or dies as a result of your negligence.

There are lots of factors to consider when insuring your restaurant. As such we are here to help make this process as easy as possible. Our hospitality insurance team can assist with any questions you may have in respect of your commercial take away insurance quote.


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