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Tattoo Insurance

Tattoo Insurance


Why choose us for your tattoo insurance?

  • Specialist cover tailored for tattoo artists and body piercers
  • Quick Quote Service. Get a quote in a matter of minutes
  • Cover can be arranged immediately
  • Policy documents emailed across same day
  • Pay only for the cover your need – we tailor a bespoke tattoo insurance policy to suit you and your business needs. We don’t automatically provide extensions that you don’t want or need. Your tattoo insurance policy is tailored to provide cover that meets with your specific requirements – that way you only pay for the cover you need
  • Established in 1965 – buy with confidence. A trusted & reliable name throughout the UK providing the right levels of experience, knowledge and technical know-how for your tattoo insurance
  • Safeguarding your liabilities and assets – This time we’ve got you covered!


Tattooists & Body Piercers Insurance can provide protection for the act or practice of adding colour by marking the skin with indelible patterns, pictures, lines or legends by making punctures under the skin and inserting pigments, or applying colour in the form of temporary tattoos or body decals, which are not of a permanent nature. The act or practice of perforating a part of the human body with a sharp or pointed instrument for the purposes of wearing jewellery in the opening created.


Tattooing is big business and is becoming more and more popular throughout the UK. As a professional tattoo artist when it comes to choosing your insurer you will no doubt want to make sure that you are working with a professional within this sector offering specialist tattooist insurance & body piercing insurance.


Our experience, integrity and knowledge of this sector of insurance sets us apart from our competitors nationwide. Established in 1965, our experience within the industry allows us to provide competitive and comprehensive tattooist insurance cover to tattoo artists wherever you are based across the whole of the UK.  We make the process easy, hassle free and most of all affordable for you.

We can provide cover for studio owners, your staff & self employed technicians who carry out cosmetic tattooing & body piercing.

We strongly advise that you seek the advice of an experienced broker when buying your tattoo insurance as we often hear stories where clients have bought policies elsewhere and aren’t covered correctly. Public liability insurance DOES NOT include treatment risk insurance – these are two different types of cover. If treatment risk cover is required this must be requested and will be shown separately on your policy.

Tattooist Insurance

Whether you require cover as an individual tattoo artist, body piercer or a comprehensive tattoo shop insurance policy there are only a handful of companies that are able to offer cover within this specialist sector. We can talk you through what cover you will need as a tattoo studio owner or as a self employed technician. Your specific needs can be tailored into a policy that fits your personal requirements. We can provide a policy is designed specifically for the needs of those in the tattoo industry including tattoo artists and body piercers.

There are a number of categories of tattoo insurance cover within this specialist sector which you can opt for dependent how your tattoo business is set up. Cover can also be extended to include body piercing insurance and other similar services that your business may provide. By dealing with the tattoo insurance professionals you can rest assured that you are given all the options as set out below.

Tattoo Artist Insurance can include:

Tattoo artist treatment risk insurance – a stand-alone specialist professional liability insurance for those carrying out on-body treatments including tattooing & body piercing. Treatment risk cover can be purchased by studio owners to provide protection for directly employed artists or it can be purchased by individuals employed as self employed artists. For more information on tattoo artist insurance or treatment risk insurance please see the section further down this page.

Tattooist liability insurance – public liability insurance protects members of the public whilst on your premises and optional employers liability insurance for business owners provides protection for your employees. If you are a self employed technician the owner of the business may insist upon you having your own public liability policy in place. We can provide public liability insurance for self employed tattoo artists as an extension to their treatment risk insurance.

Tattoo shop insurance – a package tattoo shop insurance policy provides cover for your business as a whole which can include buildings cover if required, business contents insurance, employers liability and public liability insurance alongside your treatment risk insurance for any directly employed tattooists or body body piercers.

Tattoo Shop Insurance

If you are providing tattooing or cosmetic body piercing you will require evidence that you have adequate public liability insurance for your premises to register your business with your local authority. Whether you own the property or are renting you can opt for a tattoo shop insurance package policy which will provide your public liability cover alongside protection for loss or damage to your equipment, stock in trade & contents. Other extensions available include employee dishonesty (fidelity guarantee), legal expenses, loss of money, book debts, computer records, terrorism cover and business interruption extensions to protect your income should you suffer a major loss. If you own the premises cover can extend to include buildings insurance with option for subsidence cover. If you have any staff it is a legal requirement to have adequate employers liability in place.

Business owners carrying out tattooing should also have in place adequate treatment risk insurance for themselves and their employees. Tattoo studio owners should ensure that any self employed tattoo artists have in place their own treatment risk and public liability insurance. Tattoo shop insurance is also referred to as tattoo parlour insurance or tattoo studio insurance.


Provides protection against any claims made against you in respect of injury to your client or infection caused as a result of carrying out the treatments and the services you provide to them such as cosmetic tattooing and body piercing. This stand alone specialist professional liability insurance provides treatment risk insurance cover for those who carry out tattooing, body piercing and other beauty related treatments. Cover indemnity ranges from £100,000 through to £1,000,000 and is provided in respect of claims made and reported to the insurers during the certificate period for work carried out after the inception of the policy.

All self employed tattooists should purchase their own individual treatment risk insurance policy that is transferable to any other studios they may work in. Self employed tattooists should also have their own public liability policy. Any tattoo studio business owner should ensure that their self employed tattoo artist have in place their own treatment risk and public liability insurance.


Professional liability insurance also known as treatment risk insurance. See above for further information.


Public liability insurance provides protection against claims for injury or damage to third parties whilst on your premises as a result of your negligence. Cover indemnity ranges from £1,000,000 through to £10,000,000 and provides protection for you against any legal action taken against you from customers or other members of the public who may have an accident whilst on your premises. Tattoo liability insurance is separate from and is often purchased alongside treatment risk insurance. Self employed tattoo artists working within studios can purchase their own public liability cover alongside their treatment risk cover.


Should your business extend to include body piercing your policy can extend to provide body piercing insurance cover for this service. Treatment risk professional liability insurance is required to ensure your protection against claims made from injury to your clients or infection caused from the services you have provided.


Our aim is to make providing you with a quote as easy and hassle free as possible. So what do we need to know?

Depending upon how your business is set up we will simply need to establish the indemnity limits you require for your treatment risk insurance or your tattoo liability insurance cover. If you are looking for cover to extend to include your business contents, stock in trade or the buildings we will need to establish the make-up of the premises and the security in places. Remember we will make the process as hassle free as possible for you.

To give you an indication of the type of questions we will need answering feel free to contact us and we will talk you through the process.

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