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event insurance

Event Insurance

Need event insurance? Need liability cover for a party, community fun day, christmas fayre, amateur & professional sports events, firework display, festival, carnival, conference, street party or theatrical performance? Whatever your event we can arrange competitive cover to protect you. If you are organizing an event or exhibiting at an event make sure you have protected yourself with adequate event insurance. From the big to the small we cover them all, including unusual events that you may find difficult to insure elsewhere. With one quick call to our event insurance team your event could be insured within minutes.

David J Miller Insurance Brokers are a leading recommended provider to the event industry through our affiliations with a large panel of the UKs leading event insurers. Our straight talking advisors will be heppy to offer advice and assistance to get you covered correctly. For more information or to get a QUICK QUOTE call us on 01254 355 159.

Cover can be arranged in a matter if minutes if required, and your documents are always emailed across to you giving immediate confirmation of cover and providing you with an immediate copy of your event insurance policy documents giving you peace of mind that you are covered and able to produce the documentation if required.

Get an Event Insurance Quote in Minutes

Our event insurance team can get you covered in a matter of minutes with one quick call to us using our local call rate number 01254 355 159.

As a leading event insurance provider David J Miller can provide cover for most types of events including car boot sale insurance, exhibitor insurance, christmas fayres, fetes, festivals, carnival insurance, business event insurance, firework display insurance, weddings, party insurance, conference insurance, concert insurance, play and theatre insurance, sporting events and street party insurance. We can provide cover for indoor or outdoor events, one off events or annual multi venue, multi occasion events, small private events or large commercial for profit public events and sports events. Event insurance is designed to provide cover to protect your liabilities should there be any unfortunate incidents at your event. Event public liability insurance protection will ensure you are protected against accidental injury to any third party and/or damage to third party property.

Additional options such as employers liability insurance cover can provide protection for any volunteers and staff who you enter into a contract of service with for your event, alongside extensions for property cover and event cancellation insurance or non-appearance cover.

Cheap event insurance

With our wide access to the UKs event insurers and specialist insurer schemes we are able to provide cheap event insurance for most categories of events through A rated insurers giving you the confidence of comprehensive insurance protection.
Our event insurance team will be able to assist by telephone or email should you have any questions regarding your event insurance, special event insurance, event public liability insurance, one day event insurance, one off event insurance, exhibition insurance, firework display insurance or any type of event insurance.

Our underwriters are able to cover most categories of events including sports events, boxing tournaments and water based events which are classed as hazardous risk or dangerous risks. In these instances please complete our online enquiry form or contact one of our events insurance team who will be happy to take your details and provide a quote over the telephone.

Sports Event Insurance

Are you organising a sports event? Whether it be a professional or amateur sports tournament, swimmng event, football tournament, charity cricket match or a boxing match, as the organiser you will need adequate sports event insurance which provides public liability insurance should an unfortunate accident happen. We are able to cover many different types of sports events throughout the UK whether they are indoors or outdoors, single one day, multiple day or annual events.

Typical events we are able to cover include charity sports events, golf days, athletics meetings, pony trials, sports tournaments, rallies, majorettes displays and swimming galas- the list goes on. Contact us for a cheap event insurance quote.

A sports event insurance policy will provide cover for the organiser should there be any incidents arising from accidental damage to third party property or injury to members of the public.

Event Public Liability Insurance

Council or public and many privately owned venues now insist upon the organiser of any event havingevent public liability insurance in place prior to allowing use of their facilities. This will ensure that the venue cannot be held accountable should there be any claims brought about by the negligence of the event organiser. If the venue is found to be negligent in the event of an accident the claimant will be directed to pursue any claim through the venues liability insurance.

As the organiser of the event you can too often be too busy and may not be able to oversee everything going on or the actions of your employees and could miss something which could cause an accident. Ultimately as the event organiser you are responsible for everything that happens at that event and as such you could be held accountable.

You should also ensure that all independent outside contractors from fairground rides operators, caterers to stall holders should all have their own public liability insurance in place. Any staging and seating erected will be carried out by suitably qualified professionals with their own insurance and Adequate first aid and other suitably qualified staff be in attendance.

You have put in all the hard work to make sure the event runs as smoothly as possible so make sure that you have covered yourself from any unfortunate incidents that may occur.

If you are making use of volunteers, assistants or helpers whether paid or not, the law stipulates that you must have employer’s liability insurance in place.

This differs from public liability insurance in that this offers financial protection from claims that may be brought about by people you employ or who are assisting you at the event. Should an accident occur which injures an employee / volunteer your employers liability insurance will provide protection should you be found negligent.

Car Boot Sale Insurance

If you are organising a car boot sale then you will be aware of the problems that arise when ensuring that each exhibitor has their own public liability insurance. Our car boot insurance provides cover as a whole for organisers and exhibitors taking the headache away from you. You are then able to pass on any associated charges within your own exhibitor fees.

Where car boot stall holders are asked to provide evidence of their own liability insurance we are able to provide single or multiple event policies giving you your own car boot sale public liability insurance.

Cover can be arranged instantly for single events or multiple events with cover including public liability and employer liability extension if required.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of event insurance cover then please contact us on 01254 355 159.

Did you know that we can also provide football insurance including liability for football tournaments?