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Car Insurance

Car Insurance Brokers

Just like the adverts you see on the TV and the online comparison websites, our car insurance team have access to independent motoring insurance policies through the UK’s top insurers to provide competitive cover for your car, van, motorcycle or classic car. We too have access to great rates and can offer competitive deals on your car insurance, but we do it with a much more friendly and personal service. It’s well worth getting a quote from David J Miller Car Insurance Brokers with tempting offers like;
  • 12 months for the price of 10* • 20% discount for new policy holders* • Discounts for over 30’s* • Discounts for restricted driving* • Special rates if you are paying over £500* • Credit payment terms available through Direct Debit* • Multi vehicle policies *Subject to our current insurers panel offers. Subject to acceptance. Limited period only.
Alongside our great offers our policies come with the usual options for;
  • Legal expenses • Roadside assistance • Car hire

Why Use a Car Insurance Brokers

As a leading car insurance brokers we work with a large panel of the UK’s top insurers to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and competitive car insurance deals with an upfront and honest service. We don’t hide behind the industry jargon and can help explain why some policies can be so much cheaper than others, what voluntary and compulsory excesses are and how these can affect a premium and restricted driving conditions enforced within certain policies. We are here to help! We are not a call centre business. We are a car insurance brokers who believe in customer service. To find out more information about current offers please contact us and speak to one of the team. Whatever your mode of transport we are well placed to provide the right cover for your vehicle as a leading car insurance broker.  

Car Insurance Brokers Assist With Your Claims

Talk to one of our friendly car insurance staff who will be happy to discuss your policy and if you are unfortunate enough to make a claim then you will be assisted by your own personal account handler – get to know their name, make it personal. If you have an accident and your car is off the road or is stolen or written off, how would you manage without transport? Our accident management scheme ‘keeping you mobile’ will put your mind at ease in the event of any of the above to ensure that you have a replacement vehicle available. For more information on reporting a claim please visit our making an insurance claim page


Blame accidents or accidents where you cannot prove the other party are to blame COSTS YOU MONEY ! – TRAVELLING too close to the car in front (tailgating) preventing you from stopping in time. Fraudulent claims are on the increase from claimants where braking at unusual places such as roundabouts causing the vehicle behind to run in to the back of them. Beware. – PULLING out of a minor road and not seeing a vehicle on the major road or misjudging their distance from you. Make sure your windows are clear of condensation or frost and wait until you are absolutely sure that it is safe to pull out otherwise you could be held to blame. – SPEED. Travelling too fast for the road conditions is often a result of drivers who are in a hurry. Consider your journey time and plan in advance allowing plenty of time for your journey. – OVERTAKING at dangerous places such as road junctions or at the brow of a hill. Think ahead and don’t overtake when there is a possible right turn the vehicle in front might make. It would be difficult to prove the other driver is to blame. Be patient! – DON’T leave your keys in your car with the engine running when you are defrosting your windows. If your car is stolen your insurers will not pay out – no matter if you were on the opposite side or how close you were to the car or if you just ‘popped’ inside. This is not sufficient excuse.


Don’t panic! THINK and gather as much information as you can. – Call 0343 506 5794. Store this number in your mobile phone under ACCIDENT and in the event of an accident you will be able to contact our 24 hour motor accident helpline. – Take PHOTOS. Most mobile phones now have a camera. Use it to take as many photographs of the incident, the vehicles, the surrounding area and any tyre marks on the road before they are moved. Take a photo of the other driver. – Note down the other vehicle REGISTRATION number and take a photo if you can. – If there are any WITNESSES to the incident take their contact details. – Take note of how many PASSENGERS are in the other vehicle. Take a photo if you can. – Ask for the other drivers name and address and proof of IDENTITY. – CHECK if the driver is the owner of the vehicle and if not then ask for the owners contact details. – If you are SUSPICIOUS of the accident circumstances then contact the police, although they are reluctant to attend unless there are personal injuries. If they won’t attend quest they keep a record of your call and your suspicions and note the officers name and number. – 24 hour motor accident helpline 0343 506 5794   Did you know that we can also assist with your vehicle gap insurance?