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ninja warrior course insurance

Insurance for Ninja Warrior & Ninja Obstacle Course Parks | UK

Ninja warrior and ninja obstacle course parks are the latest extreme leisure activity now available in the UK.

We have a wealth of experience arranging insurance cover and risk management for other similar high risk exposure activities such as Tag Active, inflatable park, adventure park and trampoline park insurance.

Operating in niche leisure insurance we are fortunate enough to be able to arrange insurance for ninja warrior and ninja obstacle course park operators.

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Ninja warrior and ninja park insurance – Call us today!

Operating under a variety of names such as ninja park, ninja warrior course, ninja obstacle course no matter what you call it the activities include a variety of obstacles such as;
monkey bars, logs, sliders, tilting frames, reaction wall, balance beams, salmon ladder, hang tilt bar, spiderman wall, spinning wheels, traverse overhead box , cargo nets, crawl nets, ring run, cannonball alley & sea of bones to name a few.

Ninja warrior and ninja park course insurance can be tailored to include public liability, employers liability, equipment, contents, stock and money and business interruption insurance.

Arranging insurance for ninja obstacle course parks can often be difficult as insurers often shy away from high risk and inherently dangerous and extreme activities.

We are an established broker arranging insurance for trampoline parks and other high risk exposure leisure sectors and have extensive experience arranging insurance for ninja parks.

Finding the right ninja warrior park insurance

Insurance can be a difficult avenue to navigate when it comes to the more niche leisure sectors.

If you need some help, advice or a quote for your ninja warrior park insurance please contact us.

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