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golf club insurance

Golf Club Insurance

Specialist commercial insurance cover for your golf club, course assets and liability risks.

We are a leading golf club insurance broker providing competitive commercial insurance for golf clubs throughout the UK.

We are privileged to have earned ourselves a position with access to competitive specialist golf club insurance schemes from the UK’s leading golf insurers. We service our clients throughout the whole of the UK including Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England whether you are a proprietary golf club or a private members owned club.


Insurance for golf clubs can include extensions such as:

Long term agreement option available
Commercial all risks cover for clubhouse, course, playing surfaces, plant and machinery.
Contents, computers, cups, trophies and objects d’art
Money, goods and deterioration of stock
Course furniture and property in the open
Irrigation systems
Road traffic act cover for motorised vehicles
Liability cover for members, guests, visitors and green fee players
Directors and officers liability cover indemnity with employment practice liability and entity option
Engineering inspection
Public liability
Employee liability
12, 24 or 36 month business interruption indemnity
Day one % uplift to buildings, contents and plant sums insured
Cover for walls, fences and gates and outdoor furniture
Contractors all risks cover
Employee fidelity cover
Hole in one cover per competition round
Cancellation and abandonment (including weddings) cover
Hired in plant
Legal expenses

Golf club insurance

As a leading golf club insurance broker we work alongside you to ensure that you get the best deal available providing the most adequate cover whether you are a small rural course with no clubhouse or a large well known club. If you are considering alternatives for your golf course insurance then please contact us. We are confident that you will get a better deal with us.

Golf club insurance brokers – The benefits

We are confident that we will be able to help save you money on your golf club insurance premiums and provide more appropriate or even wider cover.
The key to any good golf club insurance policy is to tailor it to your specific needs rather than using a standard commercial ‘umbrella’ one size fits all policy thats fits all sports clubs or commercial licensed premises.

There are a number of insurers within the UK market place with specialist schemes for golf club insurance. By using the services of a broker you can save yourself a lot of time and effort as we have the contacts and the know how to approach the marketplace on your behalf. We also benefit from discounted rates and priority service within this specialist commercial insurance marketplace. By knowing which insurers have an appetite for certain types of risks and what discounts are available through each insurer for certain risk management and security features we can provide you with appropriate and adequate cover at competitive rates.

Free golf club insurance review

We are often told tales of past secretaries or committee members who had not fulfilled their roles appropriately and done their due diligence to ensure the club has been receiving the most competitive insurance or infact whether the club was covered for its insurance risks adequately. In around 75% of the enquiries we receive we find that the clubs existing cover is either uncompetitive or inadequate. If you are unsure or have concerns about the cover in place at your club then please contact us. We can offer a free golf club insurance review whereby we will assess your existing policy and premium and offer an appraisal of the cover in place and the premium charged. It may be that you already on cover with the best policy available for your club and your premium is competitive, if this is the case then we will tell you. However it may turn out that there may be a more suitable policy available that could reduce your insurance premium and provide more appropriate cover for you. In many of the golf club insurance enquiries we receive we discover that risk warranties within the policy haven’t been explained thoroughly and subsequently are not being adhered to which could invalidate the policy. Please contact us on 01254 231 332 for a free review of your golf clubs insurance.

Want a golf club insurance quote?

Alongside the sums insured valuations for your clubhouse, contents, greens sheds and machinery we will also require details of the clubs infrastructure such as the make up and construction of the buildings, security in place, fire prevention, how the club is run, wageroll and staff make up and details of any claims made within the last 5 years. Discounts can be applied by insurers where clubs have implemented risk management processes and increased security to reduce the chance of future claims. To provide a quotation for your golf club insurance we can arrange an appointment to visit you on site or to collect the information we require by telephone and email. We generally require around 7 days to provide a quotation but in some cases we can provide a quote within 48 hours.

Golf club insurance risks

Alongside the obvious buildings and assets cover and liability risks a specialist golf club insurance policy will provide added benefits that are of benefit to your golf club. Extensions such as property in the open will provide cover for all outdoor furniture on the golf course. Cover for all playing surfaces including tees and greens will provide protection against malicious or accidental damage. Many clubs make use of their clubhouse as a function room and we can provide cover against cancellation or abandonment of any events. Road traffic act cover provides protection for greens machinery on a public highway within a certain radius of the course. Member to member liability cover provides protection between members, although this extension can be provided as a seperate policy so that in the event of a claim the main club policy is not affected adverse claims history connected with these incidents. For more information on these and further specialist golf club extensions please contact us.

For further information on your golf course insurance please contact us on 01254 231 332.


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