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Taxi Insurance Brokers

David J Miller are an established taxi insurance brokers servicing taxi drivers throughout the Lancashire area.

Contact our specialist taxi department hotline and speak to a taxi insurance expert.

We can offer great deals on private hire taxi insurance and public hire taxi insurance for taxi drivers if you;

Operate within the Lancashire area

Are over the age of 25

Have confirmed no claims bonus for at least 1 year


We operate from our well known offices based in Oswaldtwistle, Accrington near Blackburn, Lancashire serving many of the taxi drivers throughout Lancashire.

Driven mainly by referrals from drivers and business owners who have been happy with the great service and competitive deals we are able to offer through our privileged position amongst the leading taxi insurance providers in the UK.

Looking for Cheap Taxi Insurance?

As taxi insurance brokers we have access to a wide panel of insurers and taxi facilities to cover all possible requirements, whether it be an annual or short term policy.

Our specialist taxi insurance department boasts over 17 years experience of private hire and public hire insurance and the taxi trade in general. Our taxi insurance manager has worked hard over the years building the trust of hundreds of clients who return year after year.  ‘Mr Phil’ as he is affectionately known by many of our clients is supported by a dedicated team of taxi insurance account handlers and an administration team to assist with getting you on cover as quickly and effectively as possible.

As well as the actual motor side of your insurance, we can also offer breakdown cover, public and employers liability cover, taxi base cover (including buildings and contents), excess protection and plated courtesy vehicles.

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience we have been able to arrange access to various schemes and discounted rates with specialist taxi insurers, which gives us a competitive edge when insuring single vehicles for taxi drivers.

We have also been able to build a strong working relationship with Lloyds Brokers and Underwriters which has given us a competitive market for taxi fleet insurance business.

As independent taxi insurance brokers we are not tied to one insurer and therefore can explore the full market when looking for quotations whether it be a single taxi, minibus or a fleet of vehicles.  Each quotation is given the same dedicated attention to obtain the most competitive premium to ensure that we can offer the most competitive quote we can.

What is Taxi Insurance?

Taxi insurance is compulsory for all drivers because it protects third party vehicles against non-fault accidents and offers your passengers protection in the event of injury following an accident.

Unfortunately it is plain to see for everybody involved in the taxi industry that insurance rates and premiums for all three categories of policies are rising nationwide. This is mainly due to increasing number of claims being presented to insurers of which many of these are fraudulent and rogue claims which means the legitimate drivers suffer as a result.

Competitive rates are still on offer and the best deals available are for those careful taxi drivers who can show evidence of their diligence with a number of years no claims bonus and a clean driving license.

We specialise in policies for those drivers. If you have are over 25 and have a number of years no claims bonus we will be able to provide a cheap taxi insurance quote for you.

Drivers can still achieve a good rate however if they live in a good area where insurers still have a low claims ratio along with age, experience and taxi no claims bonus.

If you are looking for an alternative for your taxi insurance then you can’t go wrong with David J Miller as taxi insurance brokers. We are a reliable company who put our clients first offering not just great rates on taxi insurance but a service that is second to none from arranging the cover on your taxi, the administration involved in this and contacting council taxi departments to confirm cover through to our in-house claims department who will be on hand to assist in the event of an accident.

Our clients know they will be looked after and be given rates that are hard to beat in a competitive market.

If you haven’t come across our name before that’s probably because we don’t advertise and because we don’t advertise we keep our running costs down which means we can pass on these savings to our customers!

We rely on word of mouth from our happy clientele who spread the word about the services we offer and the great rates and service we provide.

Our customers know that we do things quickly and more importantly correctly and this can be the difference of getting a driver on cover with David J Miller rather than them going with a different broker who has offered the same premium. We offer a first class after sales service, claims and customer service with our own in-house taxi administration team.

When a taxi driver or base operator is looking for quotations for his vehicle or vehicles ensure your broker is quoting through an ABI registered insurer and that your broker is registered with the FCA.

Why is Taxi Insurance So Important?

Taxi insurance is the second most important requirement for any taxi driver. The first is having a valid driving license.

Without taxi insurance, the driver cannot purchase road tax, they cannot license the vehicle as a taxi with their local council and most importantly they cannot drive the vehicle on a public road to work and earn a living. This makes insurance a key element to any taxi drivers’ business.

Without the correct insurance type, a taxi driver can be prosecuted by both the local council and the police for having no insurance and driving without the correct license.  This could also lead to suspension of any operator license that the council have issued. This can also affect the taxi office which the vehicle is operating from as the owner of the respective base would also be prosecuted for allowing an uninsured vehicle to drive for his company.

There are a number of types of insurance policy a driver can be covered under depending on their circumstances – drivers can be insured through a public hire, private hire or a fleet insurance policy and cover can be arranged to fit their own requirements and financial constraints. They can insure the vehicle on a monthly, quarterly, half year and annual policies. Each policy duration has its own merits and appropriate premium payable.

You can also choose the level of cover for the vehicle ranging from Comprehensive, Third Party Fire and Theft or Third Party Only cover. Again the level of cover chosen has an impact on the amount of premium payable.

A taxi base owner has the option of other policy types which are available to themselves such as fleet and liability cover.

If a taxi operator runs more than one vehicle which he owns, a taxi fleet insurance or multi-vehicle policy would be suitable for them.

With a fleet policy the base operator can add and delete vehicles as and when required and doesn’t need to create and cancel policies as their circumstances change, which would not be cost effective to their business. The operator can also control his cash flow as there will be one renewal date for all vehicles and one payment date for his instalments and wouldn’t need to juggle finances to ensure his payments are made.

With a fleet policy, the operator would also have an open driving restriction so they have the facility to move drivers from one car to another with the knowledge that the drivers involved are fully insured for the vehicle they are driving.


With a liability insurance extension, the base operator can cover themselves for injury to or accidental damage to customers who come onto his business premises.  This cover is called public liability and is not an expensive policy to add on but does provide the added benefit of cover for your liabilities as a business owner.


If as an operator you have employees, you have a legal duty to arrange for Employers Liability insurance.  This is to cover each employee for injury whilst at work.