Why should I use an Insurance Broker? Answering your FAQ’s

Insurance brokers helping you save money.

What is an insurance broker?

To put it simply, as an expert in their field, an insurance broker represents their clients’ interests in finding and advising on cost effective insurance protection. They act as the middleman between clients and insurance companies; through understanding their clients’ needs and requirements they can ensure that they find suitable cover to meet their requirements at that time.

What does an insurance broker do?

Primarily, an insurance broker is someone you can buy insurance from; however, they do not work for insurance companies. A broker will work towards understanding their clients’ needs and constraints in order to be able to act in their clients’ best interests. Essentially, they become their client’s right-hand person in insurance by shopping around to find the best possible deals with their client requirements in mind.

Why would I use an insurance broker when I can use direct comparison sites?

Often, a comparison website will be the first port of call when looking to find the most competitive insurance policies available. Undeniably, a comparison site can be a good way of quickly scanning the current market, however, even the most well known sites offer generic policies rather than cover that is tailored to meet your specific needs. This means you could be paying for cover you do not need or may even not be able to find a policy that fully meets your individual requirements.

This is where an insurance broker can step in to make all the difference.

5 benefits of using an insurance broker

1. Dedicated expertise

An insurance broker offers a wealth of knowledge and understanding of how the insurance world works; with most specialising in particular areas of insurance and having access to insurers that do not deal directly with the public.

2. Personal touch

A good insurance broker will get to know their client, providing excellent customer service as a part of their service. By building a rapport with their client, they are able to properly understand their clients requirements and in turn find the policy that fits them best. Through building strong relationships with their clients, insurance brokers can become a reliable and trustworthy advisor.

3. Time savers

Shopping around for insurance can be a long and tedious task, especially if you are not completely sure on what you are looking for. Hunting for competitive and comprehensive insurance deals is what a broker is best at, as they do it every day! Other than taking information as and when it is needed, informing of the competitive rates available and contacting their client before their renewal date, brokers leave their clients to carry out their day-to-day lives while taking care of the hard work for them.

4. On your side

A broker’s priority is to find the best deal for their client while providing support as and when it’s needed. They will source cover to meet with the clients requirements and that at the most competitive quote available at that time.

5. Claim support

Brokers are on hand to provide support and assistance should a client need to make an insurance claim. They aim to make the process as simple as possible for the claimant by helping them to present their claim to the insurer in a clear and legible way in order to move the claim forward speedily.

Do I have to pay extra to use an Insurance Broker?

There are no upfront costs payable for using the services of an insurance broker. They are motivated by finding the best deal for their client and take a commission fee from the insurance company that has offered the quotation.

What sets David J Miller apart from other Insurance Brokers?

Based in the Northwest of England, David J Miller Insurance Brokers is a renowned insurance broker with over 50 years of experience. Operating since 1965, we have continuously developed and expanded our product offering through niche insurance opportunities and products.

As a dedicated insurance broker, we have built our reputation upon the foundations of competitive premiums, comprehensive cover and exceptional customer service. Our goal is not to satisfy our customer’s expectations but to exceed them!

In short, we don’t just want to sell you an insurance policy. Our team are on hand every day of the working week to assist with any of your concerns or queries. No matter how big or small the question may be, we are here. After all, our mission statement is to guarantee that you receive the most beneficial service to ensure that you want to return to us year after year.

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