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Performance Car Insurance

Discover a new perspective on insurance.

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What is a performance car?

To put it simply, performance cars are built for speed. These vehicles are often referred to as being a ‘cut above the rest’ due to their sleek build, race-prepared engines, tuned exhausts and uprated suspensions. Also falling under the category of high-performance are modified cars, kit cars, and prestige models.

Cars upgraded with the following modifications, are also classed as performance cars:

  • Spoilers
  • Sports seats
  • Engine tuning
  • Brake disc upgrades, e.g. carbon-ceramic discs

Unfortunately, due to the size of their engines and modifications, performance cars are some of the most expensive vehicles to insure. It is for this same reason that it is so important to find the cover that works best for both you and your performance car.

Performance cars deserve David J Miller Insurance Brokers

Here at David J Miller, we look at things differently. We’ve seen all the television adverts and the comparison websites, and we’ve decided that our customers deserve more. Our insurance team has access to the UK’s top insurers independent motoring insurance policies, providing competitive cover for your performance car.

We understand that your car is your pride and joy. That is why alongside access to fantastic rates and competitive deals, we provide a first-class customer experience with our friendly and personal team.

Benefits at first glance

Our top tips to prevent an insurance claim

Accidents where you cannot prove the other party are to blame cost your money!

Read our guide on the best practices to avoid an insurance claim on your performance car.

In the event of a car accident

Don’t panic! Think and gather as much information as you can:

Call 0343 506 5794

Store this number in your mobile phone under ACCIDENT and in the event of an accident you will be able to contact our 24-hour motor accident helpline.

Take photos

Make sure to take as many photographs as you can of:

  • The incident
  • The vehicles
  • The driver/s
  • The surrounding area
  • Any tyre marks on the road before they are moved.

Take note

If you can, make note of:

  • The other vehicle/s registration number and take a photo, if you can
  • Ask for the other drivers name and address and proof of identity
  • If there are any witnesses to the incident take their contact details
  • Take note of how many passengers are in the other vehicle and take a photo, if you can

Remember to check

Is the driver owner of the vehicle? If not then ask for the owners contact details.

Does something not feel right?

Are you suspicious of the accident circumstances?

Contact the police, although they are reluctant to attend unless there are personal injuries. If they won’t attend request they keep a record of your call and your suspicions and note the officers name and number.

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