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Employer liability


Employer liability insurance  covers your business against any legal action from an employee if an accident/injury happens at work. 

Common injuries for employees in care homes include back, shoulder and neck injuries due to a lot of residents needing physical care.

Public Liability


Public liability is when action is taken by a third party against the company. 

This can include allegations from the resident, their friends and family. Most common claims made is due to a resident having an accident or claims by the residents family for mistreatment.

Medical Malpractise


Medical malpractice is when a medical professional does not perform their duties properly.

This is important because if duties are not performed to the health and regulatory standard it can have adverse affects on residents within the care home. An example would be providing incorrect medication.  



Care home insurance not only protects the people in and outside of your business. it also protects you from any material damage to the business.

This includes, buildings, contents, loss of revenue over a certain time frame. For example if the business suffered from water, fire or electrical damage, the business.