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Taxi Fleet Insurance

We are a well established taxi fleet insurance broker catering for taxi fleets throughout the Lancashire area providing great value, great service and competitive rates. We are a trusted and reliable name within the industry.

We can offer great deals on your taxi fleet insurance if you;

Operate within the Lancashire area

Are not a new venture

Have confirmed claims history for at least 3 years

Can provide a full schedule of vehicles


Not heard of us before? Most of our new clients are referred to us by existing clients. We don’t advertise and as such pass these savings onto our customers. Join the taxi fleet owners throughout Lancashire already benefiting from using our services.

Our specialist taxi fleet insurance department is adequately equipped to source competitive insurance for your taxi fleet. The department is headed by our taxi insurancemanager who boats many years experience within this sector and a support team of account handlers and administrative staff who all have a thorough understanding of the taxi industry. We make it our business to know your business.

With privileged access to many major taxi insurers and schemes our taxi insurance manager and account handlers will undoubtedly be able to assist with sourcing the right deal for you and your business to get the cheap taxi fleet insurance deal that you are looking for. We present your fleet to our entire market to ensure your fleet is given the best possible exposure to all of our insurers.

Our taxi team will be able to assist whatever your fleet consists of from:

Taxi fleets
Private hire fleets
Public hire fleets
Minibus fleets
Chauffeur fleets

Contact us now on 01254 355 167 or email us at your taxi fleet details including your claims history and we will call you back.

Why choose David J Miller for your Taxi Fleet Insurance?

Each year new taxi fleet insurance companies enter the market and drop out within no time leaving business  owners and taxi drivers to pick up the pieces and start all over again in their search for a new company that offers a reliable service and cheap taxi fleet insurance premiums.

We have been operating since 1965 and have been dealing with taxi fleet insurance throughout the UK for many years earning ourselves a well deserved reputation nationwide.

Having built up large taxi accounts with many insurers including Lloyds of London we benefit from discounts offered to us through having established relationships with our suppliers that we are then able to pass onto our clients.

If you haven’t heard of us before that’s simply because we don’t advertise. We don’t spend huge budgets on advertising that we only have to recover through passing on in premiums to our customers. We believe that the best way for us to do business is to offer our clients the best possible premium that isn’t loaded with the unnecessary burden of our advertising costs passed onto the customer. A fair price for a fair product. The premiums we offer are based purely on what the market dictates for your circumstances and so is subsequently our best offer. We do not load your premium to pay for advertising costs whereas some of our competitors do.

It’s a business philosophy that has worked for us for many years and in passing these savings onto our customers it means that we build relationships with our clients who show their loyalty and return year on year to renew their fleet. The majority of our clients are introduced to us by referral from existing clients or those who come across us on the internet.

David J Miller for Taxi Fleet Insurance Service

Alongside providing cheap taxi fleet insurance rates our clients testimonials prove that the service we provide to our clients is second to none.

We build relationships with our clients and where ever possible like to do business face to face. This means that you get to know who you are dealing with and meet your broker – not just doing a transaction over the telephone.

Those who have been in the business long enough know that choosing your taxi fleet insurance is not always just about the cheapest premium.

The after sales service is important and dealing with us you are guaranteed that our administration teams are on hand as and when you need them to assist with getting your fleet on cover, the general administration surrounding this and claims assistance in the event of any accidents.

Taxi Insurance Professionals

We are not a call centre operation. Our team are insurance professionals who specialise taxi insurance and understand the industry.  You will be assisted by one of our experts who know what you expect from a policy and the rates you should be paying for your fleet.

Clients often refer our taxi insurance manager by name to their friends and colleagues who are looking for a deal on their taxi fleet insurance. ‘Mr Phil’ as he is known by many of our clients has many years experience working in taxi insurance for David J Miller Insurance alone. Working alongside him are a team of taxi account handlers who are very well informed and up to date with current market conditions within the industry and who work closely with the major taxi insurers to ensure that we present to you the best deals wherever possible. Our administrative and claims team work to ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible wherever and whenever you need our assistance.

With competitive rates offering value for money and a great service. Make the right choice and contact David J Miller on 01254 355 167.

Taxi Fleet Insurance Advice

The more notice we are given prior to your taxi fleet insurance renewal allows us more of an opportunity to carry out a full market exercise and present your risk to all of our taxi fleet insurers. We can work harder for you to achieve the results we aim to provide and the rates you are looking for.

We don’t need to tell you the better your claims history the more discounts can be applied to your premium. Those who have a cleaner claims history benefit from better rates – so ensure your drivers are being responsible and driving carefully.
Drivers making rogue and false claims are pushing the premiums up and subsequently it’s the legitimate business owners who suffer as a result of this.

Our taxi insurance team can offer further advice on what you can do to achieve discounts and reductions on your annual taxi fleet insurance premium. Contact us now on 01254 355 167.


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