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health insurance

Health Insurance

We are able to offer a private medical health insurance policy that offers something a little different than the usual run of the mill expensive policies offered through the major insurers.

With adult cover starting at just £40 per month this policy is suitable for all age groups from 18 years to 70 years but is particularly affordable for those who are over 50 years of age who may be experiencing extremely high premiums elsewhere.

It provides fast and comprehensive private healthcare cover through a health care deposit account scheme that offers fixed premiums for 5 years and cashback if you make a claim AND cashback if you don’t!

If you are looking for a more affordable health insurance policy then please contact us and one of our team will talk you through the features and benefits of this private medical policy.

What is Different About This Affordable Health Insurance

So why is the scheme different?
The premium you choose to pay will be fixed for a 5 year term and is reviewed at the end of the fixed term. Your affordable health insurance policy continues periodically for as long as you choose with a 5 yearly review of your chosen premium sent to you in writing.

Comprehensive cover includes consultations, surgery, recognised alternative therapies, cancer and heart treatment.
You have unrestricted choice of the UK’s private hospitals and treatment locations and the option to use the NHS if you prefer. If you opt for NHS treatment you can claim up to 10 cash payments per year.
25% of your monthly premiums goes into your personal deposit account allowing you access to cash if you dont make a claim.
Your monthly fixed rate premium is dependent upon your age, the level of cover you opt for and the top up cover you extend to.

Interested? Please contact us and speak to one of our team who will be happy to talk through the options available to you and give you an affordable health insurance quote.


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