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fleet insurance

Fleet Insurance Brokers

As the owner or manager of a fleet of vehicles there is no doubt that you are always looking to reduce your running costs whilst maintaining a professional service from your fleet insurance broker.

Whether your fleet is large, small, company or privately owned, as a leading independent fleet insurance brokers we are sure to be able to provide you with a competitive quote backed up with our reliable service.

We have built strong relationships with many of the UK’s leading fleet insurers and have access to specialist fleet insurance schemes that are not available direct to the public that provide fleet insurance at competitive rates through specialist comprehensive fleet policies.

Our fleet insurance team will take ownership of your account and will present your risk across the fleet insurance market place to provide you with a number of options cutting out your need to contact other insurance brokers.

Please contact us for a review of your policy – we are confident that we will be able to reduce your premiums and improve on the service you receive elsewhere. Our fleet insurance team will be able to discuss the different options available to you dependent on your business needs such as goods in transit or legal expenses cover.

Operating from our base in Lancashire near Manchester we service commercial fleet insurance policies throughout the whole of the UK. Contact us now.

Our independent access to competitive commercial fleet insurance can provide cover for:

  • Company car fleet insurance
    • Van fleet insurance
    • Minibus fleet insurance
    • Coach fleet insurance
    • Haulage fleet insurance
    • HGV fleet insurance
    • Courier fleet insurance
    • Private hire fleet insurance

Using Fleet Insurance Brokers

Fleet insurance is a cost effective way of insuring a number of vehicles under one policy. Managing the administration of the fleet combined under one policy allows you to maintain a better control of your vehicles with a common insurance renewal date.
Fleet insurance brokers liaise with certain panels of insurers to source the best deal available for your fleet. Insurers are able to offer discounted rates for those companies or individuals who can show diligence in the management of their fleet through risk management procedures that have been implemented and low or no claims history. Those fleets that are well managed will benefit from insurers who are keen to write the business and offers of competitive premiums.

The benefits of fleet insurance:

Cost effective way of insuring your vehicles
Easier fleet management and administration
Access to specialist fleet insurance schemes
Comprehensive cover tailored to your business needs
Policy extensions to suit you

Information we need to provide a fleet insurance quote?

Getting the information about you, your business and the vehicles is relatively easy, we have provided below the typical information we would require from you in order to provide a quotation. However alongside this we will need to present to the insurers a copy of your current insurer’s claims history. Without this we cannot quote. If you are looking for alternative quotations we recommend that you request your claims history from your current broker as early as possible to avoid any delays in you obtaining alternative quotes. Once you have requested your fleet claims history from your current broker/insurer this should take no longer than 48 hours to arrive with you.

Fleet insurance details:
• Company name
• Contact name
• Postal address
• Web-Site Address
• Established
• Business Description
• Current Insurer
• Renewal Date
• Last Premium Paid
• Cover Required: Comprehensive, TPFT, TP only
• Excess
• Drivers
• Use of the vehicles

Risk details –

Have any vehicles been modified or had additional equipment added?
Do any of the vehicles have additional security fitted in addition to the manufacturer’s standard fittings?
Will any vehicles be used:
i) to carry passengers or goods for hire or reward?
ii) to carry any hazardous goods
iii) airside or in close proximity to aircraft?
iv) outside the UK for business purposes?

Details of previous insurers during the past three years and provide authenticated claims experience for that period

Details of any drivers with motoring convictions within the past five years
Details of any drivers with driving disqualifications
Details of any drivers with physical disabilities or infirmities
Have you had any previous policy declined, cancelled or had special terms imposed?

Fleet Management

Is there a Fleet Manager in place? If so, whom?
Are there regular drivers’ license reviews?
How often are they reviewed?
Do you employ any agency drivers?
Are they restricted to certain vehicles and if so please provide details?
Is there any driver training undertaken?
If YES, please provide details
Is there a disciplinary procedure in place for drivers involved in fault accidents?
If YES please provide details
Any other procedures undertaken to manage the fleet?

Fleet vehicles details –
• Registration
• Make
• Model
• Engine Size
• Year
• Gross Vehicle Weight
• Seats
• Value
• Type
• Vehicle Owner

All fleet insurance brokers will require the same information from you and so we recommend to save filling in form after form you find a broker who you are comfortable with and allow them to do the hard work for you.

We hope that you find us suitable to become your next fleet insurance broker.