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boiler insurance

Cheap Boiler Insurance

David J Miller Insurance Brokers can provide cheap boiler insurance to get you back up and running when your boiler goes on the blink, for a one-off annual fee.

With cover available for individual homeowners, landlords and property owners, home emergency insurance provides peace of mind that in the event of a boiler breakdown it isn’t going to cost you the earth to put things right.

Central Heating & Boiler Insurance

Taking out home emergency cover provides peace of mind for domestic emergencies that aren’t covered within a standard home insurance policy and can include plumbing, water and boiler events through to electrical failure and securing a property after a burglary.

The list of cover extensions can include:

Boiler breakdown resulting in loss of hot water and or heating.

Plumbing and drainage emergencies. Burst pipes or sudden leakage likely to cause damage to the Home or its contents. Failure of Your domestic water mains supply, electricity (on the domestic side of the supply authority’s main fuse), blockage or breaking or flooding of drains or sewers, or failure of Your domestic hot water heating. Total failure and/ or breakdown of your primary heating system. Inoperable toilet, breakage of the internal mechanism within the cistern which prevents flushing and creates an emergency as there is no other toilet in the home.

The roofing, downpiping or guttering failing and further water damage being a likely result of such failure.

Complete electrical breakdown.

Infestation of pests including rats, mice and wasps nests within the home

Broken or damaged windows and doors that present a security risk. Security for break-in or vandalism that has been reported to the police. The Home being made insecure due to the Home’s external locks, doors or windows have either failed completely or been damaged. Including the loss of the only available key to the property.

Additional cover can be provided for uninhabitable accommodation. Up to £100 towards overnight accommodation if you cannot stay in your own home overnight plus a contribution of £250 (inc VAT) towards a new boiler if yours is beyond economical repair and optional annual boiler service for a small additional charge.

The cover is provided by a one-off annual fee and provides access to a network of over 6,500 qualified and vetted on-call home emergency contractors giving you the back up you need in the event of your home emergency.

Your one-off fee means no call out charges, ongoing paperwork or contractors invoices to pay – all of these will be handled by your insurer.

So what is generally covered?

Call out, parts and labour.
An unlimited number of claims.
No bills. Your insurer pays the contractor directly.
Emergency helpline in force 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.
A fast response from a wide network of approved contractors.

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