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Property Owners Insurance

We know all about property owners insurance…so you don’t have too!

Providing insurance cover for:

•    Buy to Let Properties
•    Property Owners Portfolios
•    Residential & Commercial Property Owners
•    Residential Let Properties
•    Commercial Let Properties
•    Unoccupied Residential Properties
•    Unoccupied Commercial Properties
•    Land Insurance
•    Properties undergoing Renovation
•    Flats & Apartment Blocks
•    Industrial Units
•    Student Accommodation
•    Holiday or Second Homes

We can provide competitive cover on all things bricks and mortar from flats, houses and commercial properties and/or a mixture all types under one easy to manage policy.

We offer a wide range of cover extensions from legal expenses, rent guarantee, subsidence, terrorism cover as well as a loss assessor employed to work on behalf of you in the event of a claim.

Our underwriters are here to assist you and if necessary talk through the different extensions available. If you don’t understand the industry jargon, just ask – that’s what we are here for.

What is Property Owners Insurance?

Unlike normal household insurance, property owners insurance is a specialist insurance policy designed for properties which are owned but not currently occupied by the owner but either let out to a tenant or unoccupied.

Many property owners are unaware that a normal household insurance policy is not designed for let or unoccupied properties and as such those property owners will suffer financially in the event of a claim should their properties not be covered correctly through an appropriate property owners insurance policy.

It is highly recommended that landlords seek the right advice and get protection for their assets through a comprehensive property owners insurance policy to ensure the correct protection is in place.

Why Choose Us For Your Property Insurance?

Our dedicated property owners insurance underwriters understand your business and are accustomed to dealing with individual properties and large portfolios owned by both residential and commercial landlords and property owners, ensuring you get the correct policy to cover your requirements.

We use a large panel of over fifteen different insurance companies to compare quotations, ensuring extremely competitive pricing as well as a verity of different policies available. Flexible payment and credit terms are available too.

Our expertise in this sector means we can negotiate highly competitive premiums with discounts for 'low claims' & multiple premises.

What Does Property Owners Insurance Cover Me For?

Getting the right comprehensive cover in place is highly recommended. Some of the most common features and benefits and extensions available within a property owners insurance policy include:-

•    Property owners liability insurance
•    Buildings cover
•    Property owners contents insurance
•    Accidental damage to buildings and or contents
•    Glass including the replacement of fixed glass
•    Alternative accommodation
•    Subsidence
•    Property Owners Legal Expenses
•    Loss of rent / Rent guarantee insurance
•    Dedicated loss assessors to work on behalf of you
•    Malicious damage by tenants
•    Terrorism
•    Employers liability

Property Owners Insurance FAQ’s

Why do I require Property Owners Liability?
As the owner of a property it is your responsibility to ensure that property is maintained and is not a hazard to any tenant or member of the public should they be in the property or in the vicinity of the property.

Property owners liability insurance provides protection should any claims for damages be brought against you as a result of any third party suffering an injury or third party damage linked with your property

Should any injury or any damage to third party property be caused as a result of your property or on your property and a claim is brought against  you and upheld, your liability insurance will cover you against such costs as:-

•    Damages awarded to the claimant and their legal costs
•    Your legal costs in defending a case
•    Loss of and future loss of earnings

What is Buildings Insurance?

Protection for any damage to structure of your property. Your property should be insured for the full reinstatement value of the building including demolition, clearance of the site and any professional fees associated. Further information on property owners insurance rebuild ing costs can be found here Association of British Insurers Residential Rebuilding Costs

What is subsidence insurance?

Protection against the movement of the site upon which your property stands

What is Property Owners Legal Expenses?

Property owners legal expenses provides financial protection against any legal costs associated with any disputes that might arise between you and your tenants should they breach the terms and conditions of their tenancy agreement

What is Accidental Damage Cover?

Accidental damage insurance is an extension of your building and/or contents insurance and covers for unexpected non-deliberate accidents that harms your property or its contents.

What is Loss of Rent Cover?

Protection against your income should your tenant fail to pay their rent 
As a property owner the rent received from your properties may represent a significant part of your income.  It is not always easy to ensure the rental income generated from your property(s) remains consistent at the best of times never mind should you suffer a loss. You can help to protect your income with loss of rent cover through your property owners insurance policy. Therefore in the event of damage to your property which resulted in you being unable to rent your property out then you would still receive your rental income.

What is Terrorism Cover?

Protection from any loss associated with terrorism.

What is Employers Liability Insurance

Employers liability with indemnity £10,000,000 should you employ and maintenance or administrative staff

What is Alternative Accommodation Insurance?

Alternative accommodation allowance to cover the cost of temporary accommodation as a result of a loss

What is Property Owners Contents Insurance?

Should you rent your property part or fully furnished it is a good idea to consider a contents insurance extension to your property owners insurance policy. It is widely known that tenants do not give the same regard to furniture that does not belong to themselves and some damage to furniture and appliances is likely to occur over time. With this extension you can be assured of the financial assistance you need to repair or replace damaged items.

What cover is offered on unoccupied properties?

Almost all property owners insurance policies have strict conditions in place should a property become vacant. These types of conditions are usually enforced after a fixed time frame usually 14 , 30 or 60 days extending to 90 days in some cases may include endorsements such as daily or weekly property visits and maintaining visit records, sealing up of letter boxes, turning off water supplies and draining systems, turning off electricity and gas supplies . The standard cover usually offered is FLEA (Fire, Lighting, Explosion and Aircraft), However it is possible to increase cover at an extra premium, please asked for assistants if required. Please check your policy conditions carefully to ensure that it meets with your requirements.

How soon will I get my documents?

If you’re happy to accept your documents by email they can be sent across to you within a matter of minutes. Hard copies can be sent by post.
For more information or to get a property owners insurance quote please contact us.


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