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Golf Course Insurance

As a recommended golf club insurance broker we service golf clubs throughout the UK with their insurance including England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.
To discuss your current golf club insurance policy or see how we can tailor a policy that suits your golf club best get in touch for a no obligation review.

golf course insurance insurance for golf course

Insurance for Golf Courses throughout the UK

Your course insurance cover should come as part of the golf club policy package with a specialist scheme, however every policy can be tailored to individual clubs needs and therefore you should only pay for the cover you require. For example a club may choose to opt out of irrigation cover or cover for playing surfaces which in turn will pass on a saving to you. For instances where there is no clubhouse or facilities only golf course insurance cover itself will be required which should include liability cover.

Golf Course Insurance Cover

Long term agreement option availablegolf course insurance cover
Commercial all risks cover for clubhouse, course, playing surfaces, plant and machinery.
Contents, computers, cups, trophies and objects d'art
Money, goods and deterioration of stock
Course furniture and property in the open
Irrigation systems
Road traffic act cover for motorised vehicles
Liability cover for members, guests, visitors and green fee players
Directors and officers liability cover indemnity with employment practice liability and entity option
Engineering inspection
Public liability
Employee liability
12, 24 or 36 month business interruption indemnity
Day one % uplift to buildings, contents and plant sums insured
Cover for walls, fences and gates and outdoor furniture
Contractors all risks cover
Employee fidelity cover
Hole in one cover per competition round
Cancellation and abandonment (including weddings) cover
Hired in plant
Legal expenses

We are confident that we will be able to help save you money on your golf course insurance premiums and provide more appropriate or even wider cover.
The key to any good golf course insurance policy is to tailor it to your specific needs rather than using a standard commercial 'umbrella' one size fits all policy that fits all sports clubs or commercial licensed premises.

Golf Club Insurance Review

Is your golf course insured correctly?
Could your club benefit from a FREE insurance review from a specialist golf club insurance broker?

In around 75% of the enquiries we receive we find that the golf club isn't adequately or competitively insured.

We can offer you a FREE golf club insurance review with no obligations or ties. We simply need to collect some basic insurance details from you to allow us to give you a good indication as to whether or not your current policy is competitive.

For more advice on your golf course insurance, golf club insurance or insurance for driving ranges please contact us on 01254 231 332.

Golf Course Insurance FAQs

Is it more expensive to use a specialist golf course insurance policy?

No. Specialist schemes providing insurance for golf clubs often bundle unique extensions into the policy as standard.
The benefits of being insured with a specialist golf course insurance policy and a specialist golf club insurance broker lie in the fact that you are dealing with experts who can offer the right advice to ensure that you are making use of the most comprehensive and competitive golf course insurance products available in the market place.

A specialist golf club insurance policy includes extensions specific to golf clubs not included in standard sports club insurance, licensed premises or commercial insurance policies.

In over 75% of the clubs that we review we find that the club in either inadequately insured or their existing premium is not competitive.

Can you provide golf course insurance cover to clubs anywhere in the UK?

Yes - David J Miller golf club insurance brokers are a leading broker providing insurance for golf clubs across the whole of the UK. We work with golf clubs across the UK with accounts throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

You dont have to rely upon your local brokers and their limited access to specialist schemes. No matter where your golf club is based, David J Miller golf club insurance brokers are able to work with you to provide competitive and comprehensive tailor made cover through specialist golf club insurance schemes.

For specialist golf course insurance advice in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland please contact us.

Do I need a specialist golf course insurance policy?

With specialist golf course insurance your policy is tailored to cover the specific needs of your golf club without the restriction of a standard commercial, licensed premises or sports club policy. Typical extensions to a golf course insurance package can include:

Commercial All Risks cover for Greens, Fairways, Tees, Plants and Shrubs
Loss of Profits cover following Course Damage
All Risks Cover for Cups, Trophies & objet d'art
Liability cover to indemnify Members, Visitors, Guests & Green Fee Players
Non negligence third party property damage
Cancellation and abandonment (including weddings) cover
Legal Expenses
Fidelity Guarantee
Road traffic act cover for Motorised Vehicles
Officers Indemnity Cover with option to include Employment Practice Liability
Contractors' Risks
Personal Accident
Hole In One Prize indemnity

I'm unhappy with my current broker and I don't think I have the best golf course insurance policy available to me. Can I change midway through my policy to another supplier?

You have the right to cancel your policy however we would advise you to check with your existing suppliers first as you will probably incur policy cancellation charges.

You are able to transfer your existing policy to another broker midway through a policy term however you are contracted to the length of term of the policy with the insurer you have the policy with. This is a simple process by means of a mandate request.

If your current broker does not have access to specialist golf course insurance policies or you feel you would benefit from having another broker handle your insurance options then we will be happy for you to transfer the policy across to be managed by ourselves mid-term. This will give you the advantage of having a specialist golf course insurance broker managing your insurance options and it allows us the opportunity to review your current policy prior to renewal ensuring we can present you with options that are both competitive and comprehensive with the extensive cover provided by a specialist golf course policy.


Did you know that we can also assist with golf driving range insurance?

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