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Football Insurance

As a leading provider throughout this sector we are able to assist with all football insurance matters from amateur football teams through to professional teams, amateur amateur football injury to professional football insurance, football agents and match agents professional indemnity insurance cover, public liability insurance for amateur teams and County FA’s, commercial football club business insurance for grounds, stadia and their assets, directors and officers, committee members and officials alongside amateur sports event insurance and amateur football tournament insurance.

We have a dedicated football insurance website where you can see more detailed information about our services and cover options available to football clubs through specialist insurance schemes.

The website also provides a detailed summary of amateur football team insurance and the associated rates. Please click here to view our football insurance website or click on the link above.

Football Team Insurance

We are a popular choice amongst amateur football teams looking for competitive adult and youth team cover. We can offer cover for weekly loss of earnings from £0 per week through to £150 per week.  Whatever weekly loss of earnings level of benefit you opt for the policy automatically includes financial compensation under the capital benefits section for serious injuries and death. The policy provides cover for registered team members and officials at any club organised match and training. Click here for football team insurance.

Amateur Sports Event insurance & Amateur Football Tournament Insurance

If you are organising an amateur football event or tournament we can arrange for the appropriate public liability insurance to ensure that you are covered for any injury to third parties or accidental damage to third party belongings. Many privately owned and council run facilities may insist upon you having public liability insurance prior to using their facilities. We can arrange cover from £1million through to £10million idemnity with a quick same day turnaround and your policy documents will be emailed to you the same day. For a football or sports event insurance quote please contact us on 01254 355 154 or click here to fill in our online football tournament insurance enquiry form.

Amateur Football Injury Insurance

Amateur players who aren’t covered through a group / team personal accident policy should consider a personal policy to ensure they have financial assistance in the event of an injury. Just like professional players, amateur players can still suffer from minor temporary disablement or serious injury that can prevent a person from returning to work. Amateur football insurance weekly loss of earnings can be tailored to suit your finances depending on your career and earning power alongside setting your own limits for lump sum financial compensation in the event of a serious injury. For more information on amateur football injury insurance please click here.

Commercial Football Club Insurance

Commercial cover for football clubs from grass roots storage and changing facilities to clubhouse, stands, equipment and committee members to stadiums, directors and officers  – we provide cover for them all. Operating within the football industry we have forged relationships with A rated insurers who specialise in commercial insurance for football clubs. Most larger clubs will know that football insurance is placed within a high risk category finding an insurer to consider this trade can often be a tricky prospect.  If you are looking for advice or considering an alternative broker please contact us or click here for more information on football club insurance cover.

Amateur Football Team Public Liability insurance

For those teams that do not have their own public liability insurance through attachment to their County FA we are able to provide a standalone policy that offers cover indemnity at £1 million, £2 million or £5 million. This policy will provide protection in the event of any injury or damage to third parties in the event of an accident or claims brought against you. If your County FA do not provide cover through attachment then most FA’s will request proof of cover before allowing your team to play in the County League.

Many council and private facilities also insist upon football teams showing evidence of public liability cover prior to allowing the team to make use of their facilities. As each teams particulars are different, to provide a quotation we will need information from you such as how many teams to be covered, how many players within the team, how many games do you anticipate playing throughout the duration of the season. Click here for more information on football public liability insurance.

County Football Association and Football League Public Liability Insurance

Group public liability cover for county FA’s and leagues can provide accessible liability cover for clubs and teams within the league with the benefit of discounted rates for each team that attaches for cover directly with the FA / League. For more information on group public liability insurance please click here.

Professional Football Insurance

Few suppliers have access to insurers who consider this high risk category of insurance.  Not only are we able to assist here we are able to do so with competitive rates. Our sports underwriters watch throughout the season as professional players fall foul to injuries that may see them out of action for a prolonged term and in more serious cases where a players injuries prove to be career ending. The larger clubs often provide cover for their players as part of their contract or because they want to get the player back on the pitch as quickly as possible to achieve the most out of their playing assets. For those clubs that aren’t able to do this or where clubs only provide cover for 18 months after the injury, a player can arrange personal cover that suits their circumstances and finances. The options available include cover for temporary total disablement which offers a fixed rate of financial assistance to cover loss of earnings or permanent total disablement which provides fixed rate compensation in the event of serious or career ending injuries. For more information on professional footballer insurance please click here.

Football Agent Insurance

FIFA requires all football agents and football match agents to have adequate agent indemnity insurance in place before allowing them to practice. The cover provides indemnity against any claims brought against the agent for negligence on their part. Many of our clients utlilise us for their professional indemnity insurance not only because we can offer competitive rates but because of our full service facility whereby they can refer their clients to us for their football insurance requirements which keeps all of their insurance matters under one umbrella. For more information on football agent professional indemnity insurance please click here.

What are most people looking for when they are searching for their football insurance?

A competitive rate that offers a wide extension of benefits ? A supplier who knows the industry and provides a great service from assisting with the options available and getting you on cover promptly to assisting with claims in the event of an accident or injury? There are very few suppliers who can accommodate this specialist insurance risk alongside providing the quality of service and competitive rates you are looking for.

Here at David J Miller Insurance Brokers we have a specialist sports department that caters purposefully for the particular insurance needs within the world of football. With access to competitive schemes and A rated insurers we can take the hassle out of insuring and ensure that you have adequate cover at the right price.

Most of our clients are referred from existing clients word of mouth and those who come across us through the internet - because we don’t advertise we are able to pass savings onto our customers.

If you are searching for an alternative provider for your football insurance we are sure we can assist. If you have a request that falls outside the standard policies within the industry then please contact us as we are sure we will be able to help, you can be sure that we will go out of our way to do our best for you.

As an independent insurance broker we are not restricted to where we place our business which means we are able to source the most competitive football insurance that suits your needs best.

Want to find out more contact us on 01254 355 154 to reach our dedicated football insurance division.


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